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Homeless in Cincinnati: A Successful DIY project with VaporRemed

Homeless in Cincinnati: A Successful DIY project with VaporRemed

Jeff left a message for me on the 4th of July 2006 while I was enjoying the fireworks in Maryland. We returned the call that evening to get a better sense of what we were dealing with. Jeff found out that his newly purchased house reeking with fuel oil. Anyone who is confronted with a heating oil smell can relate to the challenges that Jeff had to overcome. Jeff sent his family to his parents' so as to focus on the plan of remediation. We shipped 2 gallons of VaporRemed by air.

During the remediation process, the Ohio...

No Oil. Only Rain Down The Drain

Only Rain Down The Drain

(A slogan of Chester County and other counties in PA)



(Reproduced from:

I - Reducing pollution from Parking Lots

According to Nancy Rabalais, member National Research Council on “Oil in the sea III Input, fate and Effects, 2003, Nonpoint pollution, not oil spills, is the largest source, and reducing it will require coordinated efforts on a number of fronts.[1]

According to the author, “When it rains, it pours”—or so a motorist caught in a sudden storm might think...

Video Interview of Adam George of Keystone Trailer Svc. York, PA

This is a video interview of a customer in York, PA. Adam George had purchased on our on-line shop 10 Gallons of VaporRemed to remove oil odors from 4 trailers that had earlier transported used car parts. With one single application the smell was gone and the trailers were ready for use again. This was our follow up on his review posted on our shop.


VaporRemed Fuel Oil Fumes Gone in Minutes: A Demonstration

This demonstration is a follow up of an observation made by one of our customer that they save thousands of dollars after using VaporRemed. VaporRemed saved them the costs of revisiting the same customer multiple times to address the fuel oil odor that persisted after using other commercially available products.  We decided to confirm this by recording the reduction in the VOC (Volatile Organic Carbons) as a function of time using Photo Ionization Detector (PID) meter. 
The graph above clearly shows the reduction of VOC values as recorded by the PID meter. The set up...