Cleanup of Industrial Oily Waste

SpillRemed (Industrial) is used for industrial applications that need to remediate oily wastewater and accidental oil spills under fresh water or reduced salinity conditions. SpillRemed (Industrial) is effective in the ratio of 1 gallon (3.785 L) to 10 gallons (37.85 L) of oil and is also effective at near freezing temperatures. SpillRemed (Industrial) has been used for an open water spill in an enclosed berm in a mine in Canada where the water temperatures were near freezing. It has also been used for remediation of  oily waste water in containment ponds at metal recycling facilities, auto recycling facilities, at a port maintenance facility and at air port maintenance hanger in NJ and many other similar industrial oily waste water situations.

Reports and case studies

  • Florida DEP acceptance letter for use of SpillRemed (Industrial) for ground water and soil
  • Fuel oil spill in a berm at Kemess Mines, Canada
  • Maintenance at air port hanger and for oil separator at Ronson Aviation, NJ