★★★★★ 1,345+ Happy Customers

VaporRemed - Fuel Oil Fumes Gone in Minutes


★★★★★ 1,345+ Happy Customers

AgroRemed - Restoration Of Contaminated Soil


★★★★★ 1,345+ Happy Customers

BilgeRemed - Treats bilge tanks while you sail

Service is unbelievable, products delivered asap and great results - Joe. I used one application of VaporRemed for two consecutive days and all is well -- a really wonderful product - Mike;


Cleanup of an oil spill or fuel oil release should be cost-effective. Our bioremediation products offer an affordable option. The remediation is non-intrusive and does not affect property onsite. 

We develop and manufacture environmentally friendly bioremediation products based on confidential and proprietary information. Our products have been acknowledged by various state and federal regulatory agencies including the US EPAFlorida DEPMaryland DE and Virginia DEQ as an effective solution for treating petroleum contamination in commercial, residential and industrial sites. 

All our products are guaranteed to work. Our customers in Europe can now order from Spilltech in Ireland.

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I've used VaporRemed in the past on spilt motor oil. It eliminated the stain that was left on my concrete pad, in under 48 hours! Could not believe it. Plan to use it again on a hydraulic oil stain under my tractor, when it warms up. Great product!

Mark H.

The fuel oil odor was almost instantly gone after the first application. Subsequent applications further eliminated most of the residual odor. Product works Great.

Dave B.

This stuff worked so well and greatly reduced the smell of oil that had been absorbed in some wood on the floor and walls/doors. A few applications over a few days has really done the trick. This was the only way the smell was neutralized. I am very thankful I found this product.

Michael j.

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Down the Memory Lane: Case Study 8: AgroRemed meets the challenge

Down the Memory Lane: Case Study 8: AgroRemed meets the challenge

Contamination in soil reduced by 95% in 20 days. A pilot project was assigned to IMS Environmental, VA for the cleanup of absorbed phase concentration of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-Diesel Range O...

fuel oil spillVaporRemed: Essential tool for Emergency Response

VaporRemed: Essential tool for Emergency Response

VaporRemed can be used as an emergency tool for any fuel releases. It has been shown during a accidental release of home heating oil during refueling as shown in the video attached.