BilgeRemed 1 gallon (shipping extra)

BilgeRemed 1 gallon (shipping extra)

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Treats Oily bilge on boats and ships

BilgeRemed is effective for the pretreatment of oily bilge through bioremediation in boats and ships. Pretreatment of oily bilge water with BilgeRemed before releasing through oil water separators (OWS) effectively reduces the TPH concentration in the discharge water to less than 15 ppm — in addition to reducing the load on the shipboard oil-water separators.

Evaluation of BilgeRemed in separate trials in dock and on the water showed that it was effective in reducing the TPH concentration of water to 5 ppm in 3 weeks. BilgeRemed protects ships from accidental release of bilge water exceeding the international limit of 15 ppm.

Reports and case studies

  • Evaluation aboard M/v Swift Arrow during a voyage from Canada to Japan and back (link).
  • Evaluation of BilgeRemed aboard M/v Cape Wrath at berth in port. (link).
  • A paper on bioremediation of oily bilge was presented at the 2003 Conference on Marine Environmental Engineering and Technology Symposium held in the Society of Naval Engineers, Virginia.
  • A report on how BilgeRemed (aka SpillRemed (Marine))  affects the flocculation process in the MarineFloc bilge water cleaning system (link).