BilgeRemed is an effective as pre-treatment of oily bilge through bioremediation in ships under sail as well as when ships are berthed at the shore. Pre-treatment of oily bilge water with BilgeRemed before releasing oily bilge water through oil water separators (OWS) effectively reduces the TPH concentration in the discharge water to less than 15 ppm in addition to reducing the load on the shipboard oil water separators. This is required by the International Maritime Organization. Evaluation of BilgeRemed on board ships under both conditions that it was effective in reducing the TPH concentration of water to 5 ppm in 3 weeks' time even before passing through OWS. BilgeRemed thus protects the ships from accidental release of bilge water exceeding the International limits of 15 ppm. BilgeRemed does not violate International maritime laws as it helps in pretreatment and does not release bilge water without passing through OWS.





 Reports and case studies

  • Evaluation aboard M/v Swift Arrow during a voyage from Canada to Japan and back (link).
  • Evaluation of BilgeRemed aboard M/v Cape Wrath at berth in port. (link).
  • Meets paper on bioremediation of oily bilge.