About Us

Our Mission: Cleanup of an oil spill or fuel oil release in soil, water, or in the form of fumes should be cost-effective. Our bioremediation products offer an affordable solution. The remediation is non-invasive and does not affect property onsite.

Sarva Bio Remed, LLC develops and manufactures environmentally friendly bioremediation products based on confidential and proprietary information. Our products have been acknowledged by various state and federal regulatory agencies including the US EPA, Florida DEP, Maryland DE and Virginia DEQ as an effective solution for treating petroleum contamination in commercial, residential and industrial sites. The company also has received a license from the State of California

All our products are guaranteed to work. Our customers in Europe can now order from our distributor in Ireland https://www.spilltech.ie/oil-spill-products/. 

Executive Team

Satya Ganti, President and CEO

Satya Ganti worked in Naval Material Research Laboratory, Mumbai, India, for more than 30 years researching the impact of barnacles on ship hulls and the impact of sulfate-reducing bacteria on the life of bulk storage tanks on ships and tankers.

Satya has researched on a variety of biological applications and has published more than 30 papers and filed for two patents. Satya Ganti is the inventor of the process to producing Sarva Bio Remed's bioremediation products.

Satya Ganti has a Master's degree in Biology from Mumbai University.


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List of papers published:

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    tion Products At A Site In York, Pa: A Case Study

Gnanu Ayysola, Co-founder and CFO

Gnanu Ayysola is one of the co-founders and the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Sarva Bio Remed, LLC.