VaporRemed almost instantly and permanently eliminates fumes from heating oil and fuel oil spills. VaporRemed is a bioremediation agent that eliminates the fumes by treating the source – namely the spilled oil and not a deodorizer. VaporRemed is available in gallons as well is liters now to support SI units.

It is not a deodorizer, fume suppressant or an air freshener. 

General information

VaporRemed is available in a ready to use liquid form and can be sprayed directly on any surface and is effective in removing odor from concrete and wood surfaces. It has been effectively used to eliminate the strong odor of heating oil from the clothes of particularly those working in an oil company or maintenance shops. Many homeowners and heating oil companies find VaporRemed to be an easy-to-use, do-it-yourself solution for eliminating heating oil fumes. In fact, some of the oil companies carry VaporRemed as a part of their toolbox kit. 



Reports and case studies

  • Report on reduction of odor using Photo Ionization Detector (PID) values under a concrete slab (link) and letter of closure (link).
  • Cleanup of 250 gallons of No. 2 heating oil using VaporRemed in Ohio (link).
  • A residential heating oil spill in Virginia TPH values reduced by VaporRemed. (link).
  • Vapor reduction and mitigation with VaporRemed in a residence in VA (link).
  • Homeless in Cincinnati a pictorial report on DIY spill cleanup in a house (link) and transcript of a phone interview with the homeowner (link).
  • VaporRemed treated both soil and groundwater at a residential heating oil spill in PA  (link).
  • Oil spill cleanup in a basement with VaporRemed in PA (link).
  • Report on DIY oil spill cleanup in a house with just a gallon of VaporRemed in New York (link).
  • Just 1-gallon VaporRemed for oil spill cleanup saved a home in Canada (link).
  • Testimonial about the elimination of kerosene odor from the car (link)
  • An incident report on the release of Home Heating Oil under pressure due to the nozzle being delinked from the hose in late October 2018. See Video