How our Customers Breathe Easy with VaporRemed: The Natural Odor Eliminator

VaporRemed eliminates fumes, but what it really does is help you breathe easy. When your oil delivery driver overfills the tank, or someone tips over a gas can, VaporRemed makes it easy to move on quickly and easily.

Sometimes you don’t need to call expensive professionals. Sometimes all you need is a quick call to find out how much VaporRemed you need for the job. 

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Rapid and Lasting Results

What surprises our customers the most? The sheer speed and efficiency with which VaporRemed works. 

Customers are delighted to find that within hours, and sometimes even minutes, the stubborn fuel oil odors they've been struggling with are entirely gone. 

When some odor remains, it might mean that not quite enough product was used. Be sure to check in with an expert at Sarva Bio Remed if you have questions.

Versatile and Convenient

VaporRemed is versatile in tackling various surfaces, from concrete and wood to carpet and metal. The ready-to-use liquid form makes it incredibly convenient and hassle-free to apply. This ease of use makes VaporRemed an attractive do-it-yourself solution for homeowners and professionals alike for permanent odor removal.

Knowing that you’re using a product that harnesses the power of natural microorganisms to eliminate odors — without harmful chemicals — brings peace of mind, especially when used in your home.

Helps Salvage Relationships and Prevent Claims

Professionals in the heating oil industry have found VaporRemed to be a game-changer. The rapid and effective elimination of heating oil fumes has not only salvaged relationships with customers but also prevented potential insurance claims. 

This has turned VaporRemed into a must-have tool in the toolbox of oil companies. Get a straightforward and fast approach to inevitable overfills and spills. Keep everyone happy.

Feel a Sense of Relief

For customers dealing with persistent fuel oil odors, VaporRemed offers more than just odor elimination; it provides a sense of relief. 

There’s no place like home, and there’s no stress like a home that’s unlivable or barely livable. For users of VaporRemed overpowering smells that had been lingering for days or weeks disappear almost immediately. Just a quick airing out, and it’s back to normal.


Fuel Oil Odor Eliminator

VaporRemed swiftly and permanently eliminates fuel oil odors at the source. Our customers are consistently surprised that it “really works!”

Need to know how to clean up an oil spill? We pride ourselves in our customer service. Call or message us on WhatsApp for tailored solutions to your specific odor issues. 

We’ll be happy to help you choose the right product for the job.

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