VaporRemed: Essential tool for Emergency Response

Every year during the heating oil season, many mishaps are reported where there are minor or major releases of heating oil. These could be in the form of accidents to the tanker, release during fueling at a customer's site, and often delivery to the wrong house. The fuel is mopped up, but the release leaves a strong odor of the fuel. VaporRemed is sprayed immediately on the impacted areas to address the toxic effects.

  1. VaporRemed immediately removes most of the odor.
  2. VaporRemed remediates the soil affected by the spill.
  3. Vegetation begins to grow back as usual in the favorable season.
  4. The homeowner is not relocated as there are no toxic fumes.
  5. VaporRemed is an essential Emergency Response tool.

The video below shows a situation where heating oil was released under pressure during fueling at a customer site. The fuel splashed over the lawn and flower bed and the house's outer walls. The heating oil company used VaporRemed on all the impacted areas. The homeowner was not relocated as there was no toxic odor after applying VaporRemed.

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