VaporRemed House calls - 12/12/2012

 We will be making house calls in Wantagh, NY today between 11:30 am -  5:00 pm to support our customers. Please call us at 609 638 3485 to coordinate with us if you would like us to drop in at your place. If you would like to purchase VaporRemed tomorrow, please order online and print the order for our reference. Please pay us by check or a credit card as we cannot handle cash transactions during support visits.

VaporRemed effective to remove oil trapped in cloth and furniture draperies

Here are some tips to users who need to wash their clothes/furniture drapes using VaporRemed:

  • Apply a mild spray over the affected area on the clothes or fabric and allow it to dry for 30 minutes or till the smell of oil is gone and then machine wash the clothes to remove the oil.
  • Apply a mist over the furniture draperies and dry till the smell is gone and then wash or dry clean the material. 

Cost effective removal of heating oil fumes in a basement impacted with Sandy in Sayreville, NJ

 We recently visited a home in Sayreville, NJ that had oil spilled over its property due to Super storm Sandy to remediate oil fumes in their property. The quotes that the homeowner received from cleanup companies was a bit shy of ten thousand dollars without any assurances of eliminating oil fumes. We applied about 5 gallons of VaporRemed to cleanup the oil spilled in the property.

Homeowner costs: $352 (including shipping and handling)

VaporRemed Works !!! - Customer Testimonials


Tom and Linda, New Jersey

My husband also appreciates your assistance in the application of your product.  The loss of our home has been a devastating experience for our family but the kindness of others has sustained us through this trial.

Simon Dede, Independent Contractor, Nevada

The next day the product was used in our customer's home. Upon arrival the technicians sprayed down the oil stained garage floor and structural lumber and went to lunch. When they came back about 40 minutes later the odor was gone..... In closing I would say that I was very happy...