Customer Interviews

A few of the use-cases of our products. Its nice to see that we could provide a useful service to our users.

VaporRemed Part III (Feb 22nd)

VaporRemed on lots (Feb 22nd - part deux)

Here is another video on cleaning up oil spots.

VaporRemed Works


I recently purchased a gal of VaporRemed. I had an oil tank that was leaking for quite a while, until we removed it and installed another non-oil system. So the oil was on the basement floor (area covered ~5-10sqf ) for several months ( from January up until May ).

We tried using zep commercial concrete cleaner and different absorbers. This helped to remove the top layer of oil, but i'm sure it did penetrate a lot further and we could not get rid of the smell.


VaporRemed works in Alaska too


I ordered two gallons of vaporRemed. It worked great to knock done the fuel oil smell in my cabin after our cabin was broken into and the crooks tried to steal our Toyo stove causing 75-100 gallons of fuel oil to spill. I would recommend your product to anyone. I have noticed a slight odor lately and would like to reapply your product again. I think I underestimated the area to be treated on my first order, however I think I only need to spot treat this time so I would like to get an...