Announcing SpillTech Environmental Ltd to distribute our products in the EU/UK

Announcing SpillTech Environmental Ltd as a distributor for UK and EU regions

Sarva Bio Remed is pleased to announce SpillTech Environmental Ltd to distribute and support all of our biodispersion range of products starting July 4th, 2015. Over the past few months we have been receiving quite a few inquiries to purchase our products from the EU and UK, however most of our invoices had a shipping and import tariffs that were impractical for users who needed to be assured that our products will indeed work for their project. We have been working hard with SpillTech over the...

VaporRemed Fuel Oil Fumes Gone in Minutes: A Demonstration

This demonstration is a follow up of an observation made by one of our customer that they save thousands of dollars after using VaporRemed. VaporRemed saved them the costs of revisiting the same customer multiple times to address the fuel oil odor that persisted after using other commercially available products.  We decided to confirm this by recording the reduction in the VOC (Volatile Organic Carbons) as a function of time using Photo Ionization Detector (PID) meter. 
The graph above clearly shows the reduction of VOC values as recorded by the PID meter. The set up...

Customer Interviews

A few of the use-cases of our products. Its nice to see that we could provide a useful service to our users.

VaporRemed Part III (Feb 22nd)

VaporRemed on lots (Feb 22nd - part deux)

Here is another video on cleaning up oil spots.