AgroRemed 55 Gallon drum

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Size: 55 gallons
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Restores and Revitalizes Soils

AgroRemed is fast and effective in the cleanup of petroleum-contaminated soil. For instance, in many of our field trials, the total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH) values are reduced by more than 90% within 3 weeks thereby restoring the soil to its pre-contamination quickly.

For best results use a gallon can effectively treat  20 sq. ft of dirt with a depth of less than 3 ft. This is equivalent to using a gallon of AgroRemed to treat a ton of soil in a biopile.

(Note: Some moisture is required in order to support active bacterial growth.)

AgroRemed effectively remediates most hydrocarbons including gasoline, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, transformer oil, No. 2 home heating oil and even No. 6 furnace fuel oil. It is available in a sprayable liquid form.

Reports and case studies

AgroRemed has consistently helped restore the soil quality to pre-spill values as is evident from the reports attached. Please click on the links to find out more:

  • This link describes the cleanup of soil at ANA shipyard in VA (link.) As a result of the cleanup, the ANA Shipyard received the attached closure letter (link.)
  • A link to a pilot project documenting the cleanup at an oil terminal (link). The report clearly demonstrates significant reduction of TPH content within 20 days.
  • A report on the application of AgroRemed for in-situ bioremediation after roadside accidents (link).
  • A link to a paper presented on bioremediation of soil contaminated with transformer oil in Brazil (link.)
  • Another link to cleanup at a municipal park in Manditiruba, Brazil, contaminated with transformer oil (link, link in Portuguese)
  • A link to a report on the cleanup at Manditiruba power substation (link, link in Portuguese).
  • A link to the cleanup of a contaminated site in Atuba (link , link in Portuguese.)
  • A link to cleanup of a railroad ballast and track cleanup using AgroRemed in Sweden (link).
  • A link to a report on the cleanup of a gas station at a site in Virginia (link) and closure (link).
  • A link to a report on the use of AgroRemed as a polishing tool after UST release (link) and closure (link.)
  • A report on the clenaup of a spill on a highway in West Virginia using AgroRemed (Link)
  • A link to cleanup of a contaminated residential site in Oregon (Link). As a result of this cleanup, the site accomplished the attached closure letter (Link)
  • A  link to a report on bioremediation using AgroRemed (pictorial) at Frackville, PA. As a result of this cleanup this report was submitted to PA DEP indicating no further action or post-remediation plan required.


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I've used VaporRemed in the past on spilt motor oil. It eliminated the stain that was left on my concrete pad, in under 48 hours! Could not believe it. Plan to use it again on a hydraulic oil stain under my tractor, when it warms up. Great product!

Sean B.

I'm a returning customer. I've used this product before and was pleased with its ability to get rid of the smell of heating oil. Plants are again growing in the spill area. A year later, when a local heating oil deliverer overfilled my mother's heating oil tank, I recommended they contact this company

Jeffrey L.

Too good to be true? No, this worked 100%! I did not dare to believe it when I applied it, but it really does work as promised. Treated heating-fuel oil-contaminated wood (bottom of 2"x4"s and wall panels) in my basement with the VaporRemed. 

Cathy B.


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