AgroRemed 55 Gallon drum

AgroRemed 55 Gallon drum

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Available in 55 Gallon (208 Liters) drum for treatment of large areas of soil. 1 drum  would treat 1100 square feet or 102 square meters of contaminated soil at shipyards, gas stations, contaminated rail road yards. 

Reports and Case Studies

AgroRemed has consistently helped restore the soil quality to pre-spill values as shown in the reports attached. Please click on the images to find out more:

  • Cleanup at a shipyard (link).
  • Cleanup at an oil terminal (link). 
  • In-situ bioremediation of sites after roadside accidents (link).
  • Municipal park site cleanup in Manditiruba, Brazil (link).
  • Cleanup at Manditiruba power substation, Manditiruba, Brazil (link).
  • Cleanup of a contaminated site in Atuba, Brazil (link).
  • Cleanup at a train station (link).
  • Cleanup (link) and closure report at food mart (link).
  • Highway spill in WV cleaned up with AgroRemed (Link)