Pilot project at Tidewater Terminal in Newport News, VA

A pilot project was undertaken at a site in Newport News, VA to determine the effectiveness of AgroRemed for cleanup of contaminated soil within a short turnaround time as claimed by SARVA. The pilot was conducted by IMS Environmental Services, VA and a report was submitted to VADEQ with the results and analysis. A 900 sq ft area was selected within the site as the pilot test area and the contamination in that area was measured prior to application of AgroRemed. After AgroRemed was applied, samples were drawn and measured on the 10th day and the 20th day before closing the pilot.

The results indicate that there was a reduction of more than 30% in the values of TPH on 10th day and at the end of 20 days there was a reduction in TPH of more than 90%. Based on these results and other observations IMS has concluded that AgroRemed offers a long term remediation solution for the site that has active pollution complaint since 1991. IMS has recommended a revised CAP (Corrective Action Plan) to Virginia DEQ for the site with AgroRemed as the primary means of remediation and expects that the product will address all the modes of contamination present at the site and enable a closure of the long standing pollution complaint.