Contamination at ANA Shipyard, Portsmouth, VA

ANA Shipyard is located on Elizabeth river and during additional construction work, it was discovered that the ground water was contaminated with free product due to soil contaminated with a mixture of oils and greases. Excavation of soil and replacement with clean dirt was not an option since it would contaminate the river. It was recommended by the Virginia DEQ that the cleanup should be done with minimum disturbance through on site bioremediation. AgroRemed was selected for the purpose and was sprayed over the impacted soil and monitored the wells for any free product. At the end of 4 months one of the monitoring wells showed free product in quantities that could now be pumped out using a vacuum truck. Presence of free product in such large volume indicated distinct mobilization of hydrocarbons and it was now possible to recover 129 gallons of product where there was almost none. Monitoring of the ground water was continued for more than one year but it did not show any contamination or free product. Final analysis of soil was done in April, 2008 and based on the results,


VA DEQ issued a letter of No-Further-Action and the Pollution Complaint case is now closed.