Highway Diesel Spill in West Virginia

A tractor trailer accident in West Virginia resulted in the spillage of nearly 75 gals on side of a single lane highway. The cleanup efforts were coordinated by the West Virginia Dept Of Environmental Protection (WVDEP). Excavation efforts were made especially difficult due to the presence of buried utility lines in the area of contamination. As a result, it was decided to adopt in situ bioremediation using AgroRemed. An initial analysis of the site showed petroleum concentration of 47,000 ppm. AgroRemed was applied in the affected area and samples were then taken for analysis after 20 days from previously determined sample sites. The samples showed a significant decrease in total petroleum hydrocarbon (TPH) values to between 2500 – 4000 ppm. Samples taken 7 days later showed further decrease and within 35 days of the application the site was cleared by WVDEP with no further action deemed necessary.