Highway Diesel Spill in Virginia cleaned up with AgroRemed

An overturned tractor trailer resulted in spillage of over 100 gallons of diesel fuel on the side of an embankment on a highway in Virginia . Site cleanup activities were entrusted to GEC Environmental Contracting Corporation who discussed available options with VA Dept Of Transportation. Excavation of the affected area was ruled out due to proximity of traffic. In situ bioremediation was suggested with the use of AgroRemed.

Soil samples collected from the area showed TPH values of 65,000 ppm. After some surface tilling, AgroRemed was applied and soil samples were taken after 20 days. The TPH values had reduced to 26,000ppm., a reduction of nearly 40%. Further treatment with AgroRemed was continued and the TPH values were recorded to be less than 650 ppm over a period of 103 days attributed to the conditions of drought in the area. It was observed that application helped the natural vegetation in the area to regrow. The total cost of the treatment was less than $2000 as compared to the national cost of cleanup of similar incidents at nearly $9200.