AgroRemed for remediation of railway track and ballast in Sweden

Bioremediation of ballast and railway track with AgroRemed at a train station in Sweden

At a train station Smedjebacken in Sweden, the track was contaminated with a thick layer of oil and grease accumulated over a period of 80 years. Analysis of soil samples showed heavy contamination at a depth ranging from 70 cms to 1 meter or 3 feet. AgroRemed was sprayed over an area of 450 square meters for on-site bioremediation of the chemicals of concern. 4 weeks after application of AgroRemed, samples were drawn from 2 feet below the surface and were sent for analyses. The results showed that all the chemicals of concern were less than levels permitted. One time application of 55 gallon of AgroRemed was applied while the train services were interrupted only for 2 hours during this period.