Down the Memory Lane: Case Study 8: AgroRemed meets the challenge

Contamination in soil reduced by 95% in 20 days.

A pilot project was assigned to IMS Environmental, VA for the cleanup of absorbed phase concentration of Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons-Diesel Range Organics (TPH-DRO) under a new Corrective Action Plan (CAP). IMS selected AgroRemed as a method for bioremediation of the contaminants at Tidewater Terminals, VA. The pilot project was carried out at a 900 square feet area at the Tide Terminals that would allow monitoring on all four phases namely i) vapor phase, ii) dissolved phase, iii) adsorbed phase, and iv) free phase. AgroRemed was applied on the soil and values of the contaminant were to be determined on two occasions one on the 10th day and the final event on the 20th day and the pilot to be closed. The results showed an almost 90% reduction in the adsorbed phase and on 20th day, the reduction in TPH was between 91% to more than 95%. A copy of the report is attached.

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