VaporRemed House calls - 12/13/2012

We were at a couple of sites yesterday at Wantagh, NY and we would like to thank the homeowners for letting us in their homes. The visit helped us list some of the concerns raised by the homeowners during our visit:

Fuel oil fumes come back into the house

This usually indicates that not all the spots were treated during the initial application and the smell usually originates from the pockets that were not treated with VaporRemed. VaporRemed acts on the fumes upon contact within minutes. Subsequently, VaporRemed continuously consumes oil in the pores in concrete, wood or furniture over the next few days to eliminate the contamination at source. Therefore, if you see fumes coming back into the house, it might be indicate that we may have missed a couple of spots and need to spray on the areas impacted.  Of course, these guidelines were designed for accidental spills, however, Hurricane Sandy has created a new set of conditions that seem to be a bit out of our norm, therefore, we may be underestimating the amount of product needed for a cleanup for a home. We would like to get better at our estimation and are collecting data as we visit homeowners to understand the scope of oil in greater detail.

Will fumes come back after say 5 years or so..?

We have not seen this happen in any of our customer's homes or industrial sites that have used VaporRemed. We have been supplying our products since 2001, therefore can safely say that fumes wont come back into the house once we have addressed all of the pockets appropriately. 

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