Gasoline smell in cars and SUV

A mild spray of VaporRemed is all that is needed in eliminating gasoline smell from the interior of the car and makes the environment of the interior of car safer for children and pets. VaporRemed also helps in accidental spill or spray of gasoline on clothes. Here is the customer testimonial: 

"I recently spilled quite a bit of kerosene in the back of my SUV.  It leaked onto my back seats and all over the carpet floor.  I tried to get rid of the smell by cleaning the carpet and seats with different products which included ammonia, white vinegar, baking soda, Borax, and Dawn dishwashing detergent.  Nothing worked, until I tried VaporRmed by Sarva Bio Remed.   I was told to just spray it and forget it.  I was thinking to myself, there is no way it is that easy.  I thoroughly sprayed the seats and carpet floor (using way more than necessary).   The next morning I smelled the seats and carpet, the smell was gone.  I immediately purchased another bottle to keep on hand.  Thank you Sarva Bio Remed for creating such an amazing and effective product."


Chris Shaffer

Manager, Northeast Regional Branch

GEA Refrigeration North America, Inc.

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