AgroRemed for restoration of soil impacted with fuel oil spills

AgroRemed is effective in cleanup of petroleum contaminated soil in a short time. Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) values are reduced by more than 90% within 3 weeks under most conditions. The soil is generally moist in order to support the active bacterial growth. It is effective in the ratio of 1 gallon to 20 square feet of area with a depth of less than 3 feet. It is also effective in the ratio of 1 gallon for 1 ton of soil as a biopile. In many cases AgroRemed has been used as a polishing tool after dig and haul of contaminated dirt before back fill with clean soil. AgroRemed is effective against gasoline, diesel, kerosene, aviation fuel, transformer oil, No. 2 home heating oil and even # 6 furnace fuel oil.





Reports and case studies

AgroRemed has consistently helped restore the soil quality to pre-spill values as shown in the reports attached. Please click on the images to find out more:
  • Cleanup at a shipyard (link).
  • Cleanup at an oil terminal (link). 
  • In-situ bioremediation of sites after roadside accidents (link).
  • Municipal park site cleanup in Manditiruba, Brazil (link).
  • Cleanup at Manditiruba power substation, Manditiruba, Brazil (link).
  • Cleanup of a contaminated site in Atuba, Brazil (link).
  • Cleanup at a train station (link).
  • Cleanup (link) and closure report at food mart (link).
  • Highway spill in WV cleaned up with AgroRemed (Link)