Distributor in EU/UK

Announcing SpillTech Environmental Ltd as a distributor for UK and EU regions

Sarva Bio Remed is pleased to announce SpillTech Environmental Ltd to distribute and support all of our biodispersion range of products starting July 4th, 2015. Over the past few months we have been receiving quite a few inquiries to purchase our products from the EU and UK, however most of our invoices had a shipping and import tariffs that were impractical for users who needed to be assured that our products will indeed work for their project. We have been working hard with SpillTech over the past few months to help address the core issue at hand: bring the price of our products down and offer technical support to our customers. We believe that product price, performance and technical support are three pillars, despite the cliched` references, are needed for completing a successful bioremediation project.

Units of measure

As a first step we have converted all of our products in SI units, for example a 1 gallon pail is sold as 3.785 liters pail. We realize that this is not ideal, because we would still like our units to be used as units; therefore we plan to add a series of improvements over the next few months to help improve your online experience. Sarva Bio Remed and SpillTech believe in offering pragmatic solutions to any remediation project. SpillTech has been a leader in providing practical solutions to oil remediation since 2002.

Quality control

At Sarva Bio Remed, we have always been proud of our obsession with quality. Over the years, we have successfully implemented strong controls on various parameters including seed control, bacterial counts, product fermentation and packaging to help assure our users of the quality that goes into each ounce (or a milliliter) of product that leaves our manufacturing facility. SpillTech Environmental Ltd has demonstrated a devotion to quality that convinces that Kieran Starrs and his team will be able extend our vision of quality to our customers in the EU and UK region.

We are excited

"We are excited to work with Kieran Starrs, SpillTech Environmental Ltd, to help us reach out to customers needing our products in the EU and UK. We are certain, that this experience will help us improve our product offerings as well as solutions that are specific to the UK region", Satya Ganti, President and CEO, Sarva Bio Remed. Drop us a line, we would love to hear from you! Now you can directly order on their on-line shop http://www.spilltech.ie/shop



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Please follow this link for details about SpillTech Enviromental Ltd's environmental credentials.

Contact details

Kieran Starrs, Managing Director/Senior Environmental Consultant

Tir Na Neil,
Co, Monaghan.
Tel: 00 353 47 83607  or 00 353 47 38967
Email: info@spilltech.ie
VAT Number: 6383401L