Homeless in Cincinnati: A Successful DIY project with VaporRemed

Jeff left a message for me on the 4th of July 2006 while I was enjoying the fireworks in Maryland. We returned the call that evening to get a better sense of what we were dealing with. Jeff found out that his newly purchased house reeking with fuel oil. Anyone who is confronted with a heating oil smell can relate to the challenges that Jeff had to overcome. Jeff sent his family to his parents' so as to focus on the plan of remediation. We shipped 2 gallons of VaporRemed by air.

During the remediation process, the Ohio EPA’s office informed him of a report of a minor leakage of oil due to overfill by the previous owner and that the case was closed.


Our take: This is apparently not uncommon and many homeowners end up paying heavily for the cleanup their homes as insurance companies may not approve cleanup costs. In this case, Jeff paid about $1000 for our products and was able to effectively perform remediation of the property.  The links below elaborate Jeff's cleanup efforts. Transcript for a brief interview that Jeff had kindly agreed to for our site.


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